Friday, 18 July 2014

Look out for us on TV

Lymm village stars in Sky 1 TV Comedy

Brand New Sky 1 TV Comedy “After Hours” has been extensively filmed in Lymm village for the past few weeks.

The Comedy Drama which is due to air in Autumn has been using Lymm for location filming and this includes many of the shops, lower dam, the canal and surrounding areas.

The CB3 office sits between the Bridgewater canal and the Bulls Head pub, both of which have been used in filming so there is a high likelihood that our office will appear in the background of some scenes. Its been interesting watching how the programme has been put together and surprising how many people are involved, and we’re looking forward to the magic of telly making the village look like somewhere else entirely.

Filming next to the office
More on the programme can be found by clicking HERE